Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frog versus Pig

Recently we acquired a new stuffed animal for B - a Webkinz pig (special at the store - buy a certain dollar amount of stuff and get a free Webkinz). Since then, Mr. Frog, his loyal companion since birth, has been slowly replaced. Frog still sleeps with him and gets goodnight kisses, but Piggy is right there on the other side of the pillow getting the same treatment. Other than that, poor Mr. Frog is neglected! B carries Piggy everywhere. If my husband or are caught holding the frog, it is snatched, thrown across the room, and replaced by the pig. It's entertaining. B has gotten other new stuffed animals in the past, but never attached to one like he has the pig. I guess we made a good choice on which animal to get him.


Frog and Pig

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