Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Reading

Now that B is old enough to really listen and pay attention without pictures, I’ve been reading a chapter book to him. We’re going through OF MICE AND MAGIC by David Farland. I first read the sample chapter online to see if it would be something he’d like. We’re half way through the book now and really enjoying the story. We’ll definitely be checking out the other books in the Ravenspell series when we’re done.

I have good memories of me and my siblings sprawled on the couches and floor, listening to my mom read WATERSHIP DOWN. I wanted to create that same experience for my son.

In addition to our family reading time, we have plenty of incentives to read this summer.

  • Our library is having  a Summer Reading program where we can record reading sessions for B and books read for me to earn a book at the end of Summer.
  • Barnes and Noble has a challenge for kids to read eight books for a free book
  • Borders has their Double-Dog Dare Challenge again to read ten books and earn a free book.
  • Scholastic online has a minutes tracker with weekly challenges to spin for prizes and an overall sweepstakes.
  • Our state governor is doing Read with a Child. Read 20 hours together over the summer and get a Certificate of Achievement.
  • I even have a challenge just for me. The library is also doing an event through Goodreads. Read five books, each set on a different continent, before the end of August. Any suggestions for those?

That’s a guaranteed three free books for B if he completes the challenges, and one for me, with chances to win more prizes.

What are your reading plans this summer?