My Projects

Want to know some of the things I've written, or am working on? Here are the main projects.

Fey Moon (FM)
traditional fantasy
retitled (formerly EotF). on submission

Trinity Coven (TC)
contemporary fantasy
main WIP. on draft 1.5

Fly with Me (FwM)
contemporary fantasy
mostly on hold while I finish other projects

Race to 100 Deaths (Rt100D)
dark fantasy
Incomplete NaNoWriMo '09 novel.

The Minotaur Staff (MS)
(mostly) modern supernatural adventure
Incomplete NanoWriMo '10 novel.

My Palette of Color
chapbook of poems
14/20 written

Sienna's Story
portal fantasy
early stages

The Blazing Princess (BP)
fairy tale fantasy
complete novelette. may expand to novel

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