Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Anticipation for April

Tomorrow begins a new month. But it’s not just any month, it’s April! What does that mean? National Poetry Month. April is prolific with prompts, and I always write an abundance of new poems.

In addition to taking on the challenge of writing a poem a day, I am taking the upcoming course How Writers Write Poetry. It’s a free online 7 week poetry course. Since the start date got delayed, the entrants have been invited to submit poems on the theme of “anticipation”. Here’s one of mine:


The air is heavy,
clouds rich with moisture,
the world on hold, waiting…

I tip my head to the sky
and breathe in the fresh breeze--
nearly taste the rain.

Branches stretch,
unfurling leaves and blossoms,
eager for a taste of their own.

How will you be celebrating National Poetry Month? Need some ideas?

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