Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Review

I didn't do so well on this year's goals. Let's review (new comments in blue):

Ongoing endeavors:

  • Read from an inspirational book every day - start by finishing 101 Powerful Promises from Latter-day Prophets by Wayne E. Brickey, then read God wants a Powerful People by Sheri Dew. - read those two books, but didn't start a new one after
  • Blog everyday. I've joined Blog365. - did awesome Jan-March. tapered off starting in April. I simply don't have enough to blog about to be interesting on a daily basis. We'll stick to a couple times a week.
  • work on Trinity Coven weekly - got caught up in EotF edits
  • continue sending out The Blazing Princess until it sells or the year ends - very sporadic
  • exercise 15-30 minutes, 3x week - good at the start of the year, awful in the middle, but back into routine
  • do at least two cities in Rock Band solo tour each week (exercise and stress relief all in one!) - finished solo tour through medium. now have Rock Band 2!
  • have meal plans and shopping list done before Friday - mostly awesome!
  • try two new recipes each month - tried, most didn't turn out well. have a picky husband, and hard to find good recipes
  • resume 2 hour writing sessions on Wednesday - never did get back into this. either I write lots, or I don't. no schedule. 
  • read two books a month, one Fantasy and one outside my genre - wow, forgot about this one. I think I did pretty good, but didn't keep track.

Goals with Deadlines:

  • enter Odyssey Poetry contest (deadline January 15)
  • get new contacts by January 31 - got them, but much later
  • write new Dear Me letter and enter into WDC contest (deadline Jan. 31)
  • participate in Storycrafter's February Workshop on Plot & Structure
    • get book required by Jan. 31 - couldn't find the book
  • Attend Life, the Universe, and Everything SF&F Symposium for at least one day, February 14-16 - was awesome! report here
  • throw a theme party for B's fourth birthday (March 8) - see Birthday Party
    • decide on theme (January 31)
    • ask Mom to make cake and if we can stage event at her house (Feb. 9)
    • send out invites (Feb. 26)
    • buy supplies (March 1)
  • polish EotF by March 31 - took more revisions and time than expected
  • compile list of 20 agents, write query and synopsis for EotF, and have manuscript in standard format by April 30
  • query five agents by June 1
  • finish Trinity Coven by Dec. 1 (so nice having December off)


The last three got pushed back due to time spent revising EotF and waiting for feedback so I could revise/edit some more. Now, I think it's finally ready for representation. Or at least no more revisions until valuable feedback from agents. 2009, queries here we come!


Regular Tuesday Tally's will resume next week.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Update

Christmas was wonderful. We had a nice quiet evening at home Christmas Eve, watched "The Flight Before Christmas" together. In the morning, we made sure to get showered and dressed before having pancakes and bacon. Then we tackled the presents.


B loves his new Webkinz Hippo from Santa. We named it JoJo. He also got a slumber pack for sleeping in his tent or at grandma's. It has a sleeping bag, pillow, and flashlight. From his parents, he got a Vtech Kidizoom Camera. After two days and 100 pictures later, the cheap batteries we bought are already dead. So, the camera is hiding until it gets some more quality batteries. Some of his other presents this year were board games. He LOVES games: card games (UNO), video games, board games. Christmas day we played all four new board games, most twice. He got Monopoly Jr., Cooties, Playhouse Disney Memory Match, and later Sesame Street Chutes and Ladders.


For probably the first Christmas, I did not get a new book. However, I did get a notebook and journal, and then my mom lent me books, and we got some good deals at the library sale. So I have books to read. Not a problem. Got a nice robe, some movies, and other stuff.


We went to visit family late Christmas morning, but the predicted storm came early. We intercepted it, saw how bad the roads were, and turned around. Did our visiting in the afternoon instead, after it cleared up.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and has a Happy New Year! Love you all!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

T.T. and Happy Holidays

EotF Status

total words to date: 97,037

pages: 440

chapters revised: 21/27 (draft 6)


T.C. Status

word count: 2,947


MiB Status

word count: 791


Goals for December

  • write a prompted poem for contest - "If Atlas Had a Tantrum..." 
  • submit a batch of poems  
  • mail off Blazing Princess again 
  • get through EotF draft 6


My mom stopped by today, so now we have presents circling the entire Christmas tree rather than one little pile. We're having pot roast for Christmas dinner. It will be my first time making it. Hoping it goes well. With the internet and a crock pot I don't imagine it will be too hard.


Slow progress on the potty training front. Just haven't had good timing. Doesn't help that B never volunteers the need to go, for either function. Was hoping that a shower (which B hates) after every soiled underwear would help to motivate him, but after three showers yesterday... Today better not be as bad. It would be a lovely Christmas present for him to be potty trained, but I don't think it's happening that fast.


As soon as I finish this draft of EotF, I am sending the first chapter to Firebrand Literary Agency. They are having a Query Holiday, and accepting first chapters through January 15. Worth a shot.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Week to Christmas!

Are you ready?


Christmas break also means getting serious with potty training. B will be potty trained before school starts again in January. He seems more ready this time. Hoping it goes well...


Shrinking Violets is having a 12 Days of Christmas - Introvert Style. Humorous, and quite applicable. They are also having daily give-aways to go along with it. Lots of fun!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Plea for a rewrite

This paragraph has remained fairly unchanged since its conception in draft one. I've been through five more drafts and still can't find a better way to word this. I like the sentiment and attitude, but have to admit that the flow is far from ideal.


As Jex left the assembly hall, he realized he had no idea where in Dashevona was this Monderay. However, on no account would he turn around and ask Zalandar. He may be a thief, but that didn't mean he had no pride.


It probably doesn't need pointing out, but Monderay is a village in the realm of Dashevona. Any suggestions on rewriting the above paragraph?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Tally

EotF Status

total words to date: 96,431

pages: 435

chapters revised: 13/27 (draft 6)


T.C. Status

word count: 2,947


MiB Status

word count: 791


Goals for December

  • write a prompted poem for contest - "If Atlas Had a Tantrum..." 
  • submit a batch of poems  
  • mail off Blazing Princess again 
  • get through EotF draft 6


EotF keeps getting longer! I have one other chapter that will be inflating, but the rest should be fairly easy editing. A little behind the one-chapter-a-day revisions, but still on track to finish by the end of the month.


I worked on MiB some more. Filled out a page of notes and wrote a short scene. Over the weekend, my muse informed me of the main story conflict and antagonist. The early stages of discovering a story are very exciting.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take pity on the introverts this Christmas

For reference, here is the definition of introvert, and examples of famous ones.


In these group happy holidays, remember the Introverts Bill of Rights, particularly #2: Introverts have the right to leave social events "early" as needed.  I enjoy visiting with family, but the more people there are, the faster my energy drains.


As of last year, we are no longer going to Christmas Eve festivities. We are starting our small, quiet, family traditions here at home. At least being married to a fellow introvert, we are often on the same wavelength.


On an unrelated, writing note, it is much easier removing a secondary character than it is to add one in a later draft. Though I may have believed differently the last time I removed a character... Writing/revising is hard! Don't let anyone tell you different.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday Tally and random stuff

EotF Status

total words to date: 94,435

pages: 423

chapters revised: 11/27 (draft 6)


T.C. Status

word count: 2,947


MiB Status

word count: 550


Goals for December

  • write a prompted poem for contest - "If Atlas Had a Tantrum..." 
  • submit a batch of poems  
  • mail off Blazing Princess again 
  • get through EotF draft 6


It's snowing. Very cold, 24 degrees, today. Wishing I was in Phoenix (54 degrees).


Recent Distraction: Cake Wrecks


Crazy Contest I entered MiB opening into: First Paragraph Challenge


Last Book I Read: The Black Tattoo. Was a birthday present from my husband. Enjoyed it a lot.


Recent Embarrassment: Wrote the wrong name on an envelope for a Christmas Card. At least the envelope is white, so white-out saves the day... Why did I write the name I did? That is a mystery. I don't even know anyone of the name I wrote. *sigh*


Currently behind on: Crits for poetry group.


Yesterday's accomplishments: Exercised. Rearranged scenes in two chapters of EotF to move an events timetable by two moons, and adjusting all scenes that got affected. Got B's presents wrapped and under the tree.


**Update! Even newer embarrassment: Somehow managed to save this post over my December Tally, rather than simply copying the template. *bangs head on wall*

Thursday, December 4, 2008

more q's

5,000 Questions... My answers so far...


511. Do you believe your government has a file on you somewhere? Of course. How else do I get a Social Security Card? And a State ID card? All those forms go somewhere.

512. What (not who) do you care about? the written word, high speed internet, my teddy bear, keeping warm, "My Own Worst Enemy"

513. What is the worst thing that could possibly happen to you? tortured by a serial killer. if I'm going to die, I want it to be quick.

514. Who or what is really the absolute root and source of all evil? greed and selfishness

515. What do you want to change about the world? people to want to change. and no allergies, as that's something that doesn't mess with free will.

516. Why did you decide to complete this survey? I needed motivation to blog more regularly, and I promised someone I'd blog more about non-writing topics.

517. Has anyone ever led you on? yes

518. What was the last thing you did against your will? went shopping when I felt sick

519. What are your plans for the rest of today? edit a chapter of EotF, use Wii Fit, come up with some form of nutrition for lunch, and do more stuff this afternoon, dinner, and watch Survivor

520. How can you make tomorrow better than today was? still too early in the day to find something to improve on

521. Would you rather date someone 4 feet tall or 9 feet tall? 4 feet. That's only 1'8" difference, rather than over 3'

522. How often do you get jealous? on occasion. not so much of relationships, but of experiences (such as travel)

523. What is the one thing you do that your friends wish you didn't? have unrealistic expectations

524. Do you do any soul searching? yes

525. Do you believe you have a soul? absolutely

526. Would you rather have a child that is more confident or more curious? confident. curiosity leads to accidents and hospital bills. of course, confident children are more likely to voice their curiosity.

527. Are you a slave to love? no. love is a choice

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"New" December Tuesday Tally

Mostly-recovered post after blogging snafu:


It's December! Time to decorate for Christmas. Only, I haven't decided where or if to put up the tree this year. Once we get a house, I'm leaving the darn thing put together. I can decorate it with the seasons (hearts for Valentine's, and such) or cover it and leave it in the garage. But I'm tired of pulling it out of the box, building, and reshaping each year. Anyway, tree or not, time for some Christmas music. We're almost done with our Christmas shopping - one card to send, and one present left to order. We're keeping it simple this year.

Breakdown of poetry writing last month. One new poem (anywhere from 3 to 42 lines) every day Nov 1 through Nov 21. Then only one more poem the rest of the month, on the 24. That's 22 poems in one month, which is by far a record for me.

PAD final verdict:
gems: 8
have potential: 8
duds: 6


With all the injuries and casualties I've been reading about dealing with Black Friday, I fully agree that It is Time to Outlaw Black Friday. Is trading a guy's life for saving $200 on a TV suddenly a small price to pay? What is it about having something NOW, rather than waiting for a still good but not cutthroat deal, or ordering online? And why wait hours in the cold in the wee hours of the morning for the mayhem? There are so many things wrong with this "tradition". And stores still cater to it, moving their sales earlier and earlier. Open at midnight? Or Thanksgiving itself? Just crazy. I really feel sorry for anyone having to work during these shifts, or be the ones to clean up after. *soapbox speech over*