Friday, October 18, 2013

Fairy Fridays on Facebook

This week I created my official Facebook Author Page. You can like me on the handy button to the left of my blog, or go to I've started up Fairy Fridays. Each Friday I will post to my Author Page something about fairies, whether it's a picture, something from one of my books, or other fairy fun.
English: A resin statue of a Fairy in natural ...
English: A resin statue of a Fairy in natural surroundings. 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

As a writer, my teddy pretty much attends work every day. But I figured this would be a great time to repost my Teddy Tribute.

Cocoa: the cuddly kind, not the edible kind
originally posted 11/14/07

I am grateful for teddy bears. My bear Cocoa was given to me when I was ten years old. My family was about to move to the other end of the state, and my best friend threw me a going away party. I got gifts from various friends, and the bear was what she gave to me. The moment I saw him I knew his name. Moving away from all my friends was very hard for me. That night after getting Cocoa, I fell asleep holding him. He represented all I was leaving behind.

Cocoa was always a comfort to me. I slept with him every night, even taking him on sleepovers and campouts. He soaked up many tears, and was always there. I've written two poems about him. The first one I wrote in Junior High and was my very first Haiku. It was sometime during High School that I wrote the second.

Brown, soft, and furry, 
He comforts me through the night--
My teddy Cocoa.

My Teddy
I live a lonely life these days,
There's not much that can comfort me;
Just a letter from a friend, my life-long journal,
And Cocoa, my cherished teddy.
A bear will always listen,
And never dispute a claim;
Won't ever tell your secret,
Or give away the game.
He'll always be there for you,
If you just want to talk,
Or need something to hold to,
Like algae to a rock.
He'll never walk away from you,
Or leave you all alone.
He's more a comfort to me
Than talking on the phone.
I love my teddy Cocoa,
He means so much to me.
I'm not complete without him,
Just leaves without a tree.

As a confession, I slept with him up to the night before my wedding. There were times I even took him to school with me. It was a comfort knowing he was there in my backpack, and I took him out during lunch as I sat at my locker. I didn't care what people thought. Even now, when I'm not feeling well or having a bad day, I will cuddle up with him. He's the one stuffed animal I won't let B  play with. So many memories wrapped up in one bear.