Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Empty Box

Yesterday, B and I went on a walking field trip down to Family Dollar. He bought a new monster truck and a pen and pads of paper. I bought some goodies, of course. The best ever shortbread cookies (especially for the $1 price) and a pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Or, at least goodies was all I planned to get. While looking through the store, I saw this box. Beautiful, with butterflies and music notes and flowers, and that vintage looking background. I held it, caressed it, oohed and ahhed. Set it back on the shelf and moved on.

I changed my mind a few times as we wandered the aisles. My practical side argued that I had no use for it. Didn’t know what to put in it, or where to display it. Just pretty clutter.

My pink side said: buy it for yourself! Like when you bought that gorgeous notebook last year. You deserve it. Why do you need a reason for everything? It’s only five dollars. Looking at it will make you happy, even if you never fill it. It’s like a 3-D bliss book. So many things that just make you happy. Any buyer’s guilt would vanish as you gaze at it. This box is simply YOU.

So I bought the box.

My Bliss Box

It’s 9.5” x 11.5”, and 5.5” deep. Any suggestions on what I could put in it?


  1. Love letters from your hubby. Now you just need to get him to write them...

  2. Make it a memory box. Photos, letters, bit of this and that that bring back memories you love.

  3. Sometimes you just have to let your pink side take over. :)
    What could go in there? Maybe bits of pretty things...scarves, ribbons, and such.